Crime Risk - Local crime rates can be easily overlooked by investors, even though they impact risk exposure, real estate values, and investment and insurance rates.

High-Paying Jobs - As an investor, you want to take a good look at the employment and income trends in and around the location you have targeted for investment.

Age and Spending Habits - Thus, age (44) demographics can be a good indicator of a viable market, especially if you are interested in flipping an investment property.

Population Growth - Typically, population growth is a result of other favorable factors, such as a low unemployment rate, an affordable cost of living, entrepreneurship, and access to a wide range of industries, to name a few I.e.. DFW.

Ratio of Tenants vs. Owners - If you are looking for income property, rental-oriented areas are naturally the best fit. But if you want to fix and flip, the same area will make it harder to sell.

Community - If you are investing in multifamily apartments, a community of many young families will give you a much better outlook and return on investment.

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